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Planet Zula is a free global hospitality network for Israeli travellers. All the hosts on our network are Christians who love Israel and enjoy opening their hearts and homes to Israeli travellers. If you are looking for a comfortable and free place to stay for a few nights or a few hours and you enjoy meeting people from around the world who love Israel, join Planet Zula today! You must be over 18 years old and have an Israeli passport.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are no costs to using this application, network, or services. Although individual hosts offer free lodging, there are a few hostels that may charge a small fee for accommodation.

Regular Hosts provide free overnight accommodation to Israeli travelers.
Day Hosts do not offer overnight accommodation but may offer to share a coffee or a meal or allow you to use their laundry or have a shower. They may be able to orient you to their town and even give you a tour.

Generally, individual hosts welcome you for for a few nights. Although some hosts will welcome you for more, it is best to stay the first night before asking. (Hostels may have different policies).

Once a passport is uploaded and registration is complete, the approval process takes 1-2 days. You will receive an email letting you know when you are free to log in to the app and contact hosts.

Our hosts are families opening their homes to strangers. Your passport allows us to verify your identity and age, which provides our hosts with a measure of protection. We do not use your passport information for any other purpose. After we have verified your identity we will automatically delete your passport photo from our system.

Please visit our Legal Hub to read our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cookie Policy for more information about our efforts to keep your information secure.

Once you are approved to log in to the app, you can click on a host’s profile and use the information provided to contact the host by email or through WhatsApp.

Yes. All comments provided are displayed, but you can choose to make your review anonymous.

Yes. You can find reviews about you on your digital ID Card in the menu.

Once you’ve made accommodation arrangements with a host, please keep them updated about your travels. If you will be late or need to cancel, let them know as soon as you can.

Yes! Families are welcome to travel on Planet Zula. Minors (under 18 yrs old) must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

You can ask them if you can help around the house or cook a meal. Consider leaving a small gift or a thank you note. The best thanks you can give them is to abide by their house rules, be considerate of quiet hours, and be as respectful and tidy as possible.

Our hosts are Israel-friendly individuals or families who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as revealed in the Tanakh. They are Christians who are grateful for the blessings they have received through the Jewish people: the Scriptures which allow us to know God, and salvation from sin and the hope of eternal life through the atoning work of Israel’s Messiah, Yeshua. Offering friendly hospitality is a practical way to express gratitude and love to the people of Israel.

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Some hosts may be able to speak Hebrew with you. However, unless everyone in the home speaks Hebrew, please take this opportunity to practice your English. Feel free to teach them a few Hebrew words, as well.


I am 18 or older

I have an Israeli passport

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